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The different variants of online poker

Online poker is the standard game, when facilitated through by the internet. And just like standard poker, it has different variants, i.e. somewhat different sets of rules.

I shall try to give you some overview of the variations with a short description of each of the different variants, to which all of the many different forms of the game can be categorized.

I forgot to mention that those variants also exist in different video poker games.
The first variant is Draw poker, where all the cards are concealed, and the initial hand can be improved by replacing cards.

The second variant is Stud poker, where the cards are more or less half-concealed, and one knows a lot about the opponent’s position.

The third variant is Community card poker, to which Texas Holdem and Omaha Holdem belong. In this variant, each player is being dealt a certain number of cards which remain concealed, while some cards are open and shared among all players. Each player tries to reach a winning hand which is a combination of its own concealed cards and the openly displayed shared cards.

The fourth variant is Brag poker, where the rules are very rigid: all cards are concealed, each player uses the cards dealt to him and there is no way to replace or improve the cards.
I’ve presented you with the four different variants of internet poker, each with different versions that differ from each other by the number of cards being dealt and their concealment or lack thereof. Now, when you have some understating of the variants, you should be able to find the one that you find most appealing.…