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This game can be played with up to 10 players. There are situations like the high betting games where only 6 players is recommended to play because if there would be more than 6 players in the game in order to complete a draw it would be necessary to use the discarded cards.

Before any cards are dealt to the players, they must make a small obligatory bet known as ante. Depending on how the rules are settled the ante can be made either only by the dealer (dealer’s edge) or each player puts into the pool an equal agreed amount.

After all antes have been made the cards are dealt to the players (five face down cards) and after they look at their cards the first betting interval may start. The player from the left of the dealer is the one who must bet first. In case he doesn’t bet next player take his turn and so on.

Also, there are two rules for opening a bet in the first interval. The first rule says that a player may not open the betting unless he holds a pair of jacks or any better hand. (Before betting is opened, players may check) After betting has opened, a player may bet on any hand, and must bet or drop out. At the end of the play, the opener must show the cards he opened on.

The second rule is that a player may open the betting on any hand. Each player must bet or drop out; no-one may check. In either case, the player to the dealer’s left is the first to “speak”.

The next thing in the progress of the game is to draw (if you need to). The draw is available if more than one player is still active after the first betting interval. Normally it is ruled that a player may draw one, two, or three cards at his discretion. With 4 or less players, four and five card draws are sometimes allowed.

If a player wants to draw he must say the number of cards he wants and place the same number of cards from his hand that he wants to change on the table in full view facing down. In return he will get from the dealer the same number of cards from the undealt deck.

If a player is satisfied with his hand and he wants to keep all the cards, he must knock the table or say ?I stand pat. The dealer has the same options, either to draw or to stand.

In draw poker a player indicates that he is dropping out by placing his cards face down on the table when his turn in the betting interval arrives.

A player may use the draw to bluff in any way he wishes about the value of his hand.The dealer must answer truthfully how many cards he himself drew. No other question need be answered truthfully by anyone.

The bottom card of the deck is not used. If further cards are required, the bottom card and the cards discarded so far are shuffled together and cut to allow the draw to continue. The usual rules apply, but the player due to draw next cuts last.No other shuffling or cutting on the draw is allowed.

Sometimes in “jacks or better”, the opening bettor discards one of his openers (i.e. one of the cards that gave him the right to open). If he does so, he must state this and the discarded opener is kept to one side to be inspected at the end of the play. It is not used if the discards are reshuffled.

In the second betting interval the player who made the first bet in the first interval has the right to bet first. If he has dropped out, the first active player to his left may bet. This follows the usual rules. All players may check, even if “pass and out” was enforced for the first interval. Id all the players check m the interval ends. If all players except one drop out, that player wins without showing his hand (except for showing his openers in “jacks or better”, if he opened the betting.

When more than one active player is left at the end of the second betting interval is made a showdown. Each active player in turn must place all his five cards face up on the table, to be seen by all players (active or other wise). At the same time he announces the value of of his hand – he must do this even if he sees he is beaten.

If all players checked in the second betting interval, the opener shows his hand first; but if bets were placed in the second interval, the player was called first, shows first. In either case, other active players then follow in normal rotation.

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